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Current Era Cars

Wheel-to-Wheel sports car racing has been the cornerstone of the Midwestern Council's program. Current era racing series features 10 - 12 races throughout the year where members compete for race trophies and series points championships. The emphasis is on intense competition in a fun and safe environment.

Cars based on mass produced street vehicles (Hondas to Corvettes) compete in four categories. Showroom Stock cars are exactly that, equally prepared street vehicles with virtually no modification other than those for safety. Improved Touring category offers an opportunity to improve performance while maintaining suitability for normal street use. Production and GT categories offer and additional two steps of modification for increased power and handling.

In addition there are categories for Formula Cars - open wheel, single-seat, purpose-built racers and Sport Racingcars - similar but with full bodies and one or two seats. In addition, each of these six categories is divided into classes based on the car's potential performance. Participation is open to Competition License holders of Midwestern Council as well as SCCA, BMWCCA, WHRRI, CASC, PCA, and other recognized organizations.