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Race Staff

Race Staff is a great way to join in the NSSCC fun, being right next to and involved in the racing action. From Flagging and Communications to Timing and Scoring, Pit and Grid to Registration, Tech Inspection to Safety and Rescue, race staffers are crucial to the success of every race event. Race events simply could not be held with out the efforts of these dedicated workers.

In appreciation for these volunteer duties, race staff receive free admission, lunches, and usually follow the race on Saturday with a party including food and drinks. In addition there are often special raffles for the staff.

While most Midwestern Council events are closed to the General Public, race staff are always welcome at our events, whether you are a first timer or experienced staffer. Come out to the track the morning of any event, explain that you are a prospective staffer and you'll get hooked up with someone who can show you the ropes. In addition, special orientation sessions for workers are held during our Driver's Schools where you can sample all the specialties throughout the day and decide what is right for you. Talk to people, see what is happening and how easily you could fit in.

For more information on becoming part of our race staff, contact Michael Palmer. Click here to email him.