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Mentor Program

As part of the North Suburban Sports Car Club community, you are invited to participate in our mentoring program. The mentoring program exists to assist members who want to transition into a new form or class of Club-sponsored competition. Whether you want to get on track for the first time, switch from High Speed Autocross to Wheel to Wheel or vice versa, or even switch classes within your current form of competition - we're here to help.

Here's how it works - NSSCC has a single point of contact for the mentoring program:

At any point, you can reach out to John, who will discuss your racing goals with you and work to answer any questions you have. Your questions can be about any part of the racing experience - car prep, driver gear, race weekend schedules - you name it. He may also assign a sponsor to you if there is someone in the club that may have more experience or insight into your particular class or vehicle than he does. This sponsor will be a contact for you throughout your preparation for the track.

But the support does not stop there...

NSSCC members are a fixture at Midwestern Council events. We want to make sure that your first on track experience goes as smoothly as possible. Let your mentoring contact know when you plan on hitting the track. The Club will make sure that there is a NSSCC contact at the track that weekend for you.

North Suburban Sports Car Club is a racing organization and we want to see you race. We know what it takes to get out there and want to help however we can. If you have any questions about the program you can contact the committee chairs listed above or contact NSSCC President Scott Durbin directly at

We hope to see you at the track soon!