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1981 Volkswagen Scirocco PROJECT CAR, not finished

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  • Spent summers elevated in the garage for suspension, brakes, gas line, fuel pump, gas tank, valve job ......
  • Winters in driveway under cover. Moved in/out seasonally since 2006. Some summers get more done than others.
  • Originally bought in 2000 to convert to IT racecar, but too much fun on the street.
  • Put aside to do component replacements with HSAX in mind.
  • I allowed bad gas to do bad things. All gas system new parts purchased, not installed yet ...
  • In progress: new gas line, gas tank purge & cleaning next, then pump & accumulator & filter ..... then can finally, vroom vroom.
  • Spares: wheels, suspension, cooling, more - plus all removed/replaced original parts and service manuals.
  • Today's quote: It's a "California Car" - don't jump to conclusions.
  • Asking $1200
More info and questions if interested: - or home phone 847-253-7381 (wired home phone - no texting).

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